Records & Record Keeping Mastery Course

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Record Keeping
Hard to live with, impossible to live without

Record keeping isn't the most fun activity you have to do in running a business, but it is one of the most important activities to master.

No matter how careful you are putting docs, images, campaigns and eBooks on your computer, even the best of us loses files. Since the Internet Niche Lab opened for business in March of 2007 we have been developing organization and organizational skills for our members. Organization is no small matter. With it in place you can get more done in less time. With our many checklists you can do the project right the first time without missing any of the details !

Record Keeping Make it Fast, Make it Easy

A few examples of what you'll discover

  • How to: Tax plan
  • How to set up financial records
  • How to control your campaigns
  • Easy book-keeping strategies
  • Tracking ads
  • Doing more in fewer hours
  • Putting order into all those pieces of information
  • Income vs Outgo
  • Savings strategies
  • Giving

Introducing the Personal Content Management System

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Content happens to be all the bits and pieces of information you collect while working and playing online. It includes your financial records, personal information, contacts, action plans, business plan, and correspondence. It doesn't take long before an empty hard-drive contains gigs of data. Not just megs of data but gigs.

Enrolling is easy, simple complete the enrollment form and you are ready to go. Just for enrolling we have a few ebooks for you to download. You will also be presented with the opportunity to do the full course complete with the Content Management System we use to manage our business.

reports pile upDoes this look like your desk or desktop?
Does it take seconds or minutes to find the files you need?
If you answered yes to these questions then this course was written just for you.
Statistics CountDo you know the numbers and what the numbers mean?
There is much more to your business life than the bottom line. Knowing and understanding what exactly contributes to your income will help you to control just where the money flows come from.
so many accountsFinancial records include more than just a checkbook. Are you ready for the tax man come February 1st or do you still scramble to get the records together on April 15th?
If you do, then this course was written for you.
eMail Nightmares
How much time do you use or waste with communication? Controlling the email, mail and support requests should take minutes not hours. The system includes time management strategies to get more done with the time you have.

There Is More

We also included a few eBooks that you might find helpful. If you are not ready to do the full course right now register now for free. The following ebooks have been made available to download along with the workbook to help you get the most from these eBooks. Then when you are ready to do the full course you can at any time.

Taxes Made Easy Taxes need not ever make you feel nervous. The 84-page eBook, "Taxes Made Easy", explains in clear, simple terms all that you need to know about tax filing. Learn a variety of tax-related facts that you need to know, such as filing taxes online, a variety of tax laws in different states, tax filing professionals, saving on taxes, and so on and so forth. This book makes tax issues appear simple.
Family Budget The issue of a family budget can be a confusing one, especially owing to the soaring cost of living that now poses a challenge to families all over the world. The eBook "Family Budget Demystified!" is the answer to your prayer. Each of its 84 pages presents excellent tips on how each family member can help cut costs and live within the budget. You can soon put aside your financial worries.
Time Management The skill of time management is so essential for success that everybody, right from a stay-at-home Mom to a business executive, must develop it. If you wish to be an achiever, the eBook "How To Become A Highly Effective Time Manager" is a must read for you. Its 62 powerful pages teach you how you to manage time effectively and thereby achieve your goals at home, school, college, or workplace.

Nowhere online, that we can find, can you get all the help with records, getting and keeping organized and encorporating easy to use free applications in your business toolbox. You can find Joomla, but you won't find our ready made Sample Data for your personal content management system. You can find templates for Open Office, but you won't find our check register. You can find business plan documents, but you won't find our easy to follow business plan that incorporates changing a mindset. You can find time management systems, but you won't find the personal one-one-one help we give you.

Don't you think it is time to start this course right now?

We urge you to take action today. As in all of our courses, we are available to answer question and assist you over any hurdles during or after any one of our regularly scheduled conferences. Do take a minute and see all the events and webinars presented through the Lab read more